Negawatt Technologies Inc.

2962 Parsons Road
Edmonton, AB T6N 1B2
tel: (780) 413-4285
fax: (780) 438-5201
Contact: Mike Anton, Product Manager

Products and Services: Negawatt Technologies develops energy management control system components for use in office and institutional building energy management systems. These components include ASIC based dimmable fluorescent lamp ballasts with current carrier communication capability to interface to zone controllers and central control computer systems. 

The advantages of dimmable electronic ballasts for lighting include:

The advantages of a controllable lighting systems for wide-area energy management include:

* Soft Start and maintaining cathode heat is provided by the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that was developed by Negawatt Technologies.  US, Canadian, and international patents have been granted for zone controlled lighting systems based on the Negawatt ASIC technology.

The products developed are being licensed to OEM manufacturers and distributors in North America.

Negawatt will also provide contract product development services in related areas such as: occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, zone controller interface to HVAC, HVAC controls for energy management, current carrier communication applications to building controls, interface to security systems and analog ASIC designs related to switching power supply and current carrier communication electronics.