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seed plant picture Agritronics experience in electronic instrumentation design, has led to the development of products for the Seed Plant Industry.

Bin Level and Shaft Speed monitoring sensors and Control Relay Outputs have been designed to work safely in the seed plant environment.

Some areas of a Seed Cleaning Plant, Feed Processing Plant or Fertilizer Handling Plant are considered a hazardous dust environment.

The classification for inside bins, hoppers, elevators, and machines is Class 2 Division 1 Group G. The classification for storage areas is considered to be Class 2 Division 2 Group G. The use of dust collection apparatus can reduce the classification from Division 1 to Division 2 in some areas.

Agritronics Modular Monitor System (AMMS) and Agritronics Plant Monitor System (APMS) components are CSA approved as Intrinsically Safe to safely operate wiring and sensors that are installed in the Class 2 Division 1 or 2 Group G hazardous areas.

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