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Agritronics was founded in 1978 by James Baker. Agritronics mission is to provide engineering and design services to the agricultural, oil field and mining industries.

Experience in all aspects of electronic instrumentation design using state of the art technology, has enabled Agritronics to develop innovative products for use in environments with high vibration, dust, chemical vapor, extreme temperatures and severe electrical noise.

Agritronics experience in these environments has resulted in a line of products for the Seed Cleaning and Fertilizer Plants.

Custom and Modular plant monitoring systems that monitor bin levels and shaft speeds use sensors that work through an Intrinsically Safe (I. S.) barrier in the monitor panel. The monitor panel is approved by CSA for mounting in a standard area such as the plant office and the sensors are approved by CSA for use in a Class 1 Division 2 hazardous area.

The Modular Monitor System is also suitable for installation in a tractor to monitor hoppers and shafts on mobile farm equipment.

Agritronics experience with taking a product from its concept stages to a commercialized product will help your product be a success.